Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I started the day off with little sleep because I had such a hard time falling a sleep last from being nervous and excited for the events to happen the next day. I had cereal and milk for breakfast today and I felt ready to go.

We arrived at Ellington Field and I went to a meeting that informed us of the game plan. I was told that the fliers for the day (Joann, Maggie, and I) had a debriefing meeting to go to at 8:05 and then they would start to board G Force 1 at 9:00. We took pictures of us in our flight suits while we waited for the meeting. We were all pumped to go and a little nervous. My team was excited in the fact that we had a PSTI patch that we could stick on our flight suits. We were sitting in a room waiting for the next person to talk to us about the medicine and how we should position ourselves in the plane during the different gravities. We had a gentlemen come in and gave us the news that we had great weather here in Houston but the area where we fly over the Gulf of Mexico has storms forming. He even informed us that they are routing other plans around this storm. They decided not to have us fly today for safety reasons. I have to admit it would not be fun to get on G Force 1 and not fly any parabolas. The new game plan is to have my group fly in the morning and the other part of the group will fly in the afternoon tomorrow. I am hoping I will get a better nights rest.

We were all bummed out for the rest of the day but we still went to Space Center Houston. We went to the Education Research Center and got some more information about what NASA has to offer for us and how they can help us get video/pictures from them! We also took a picture at the shuttle replica that is outside of Space Center Houston.

We also had a meeting explaining the different interns and co-ops that are available through NASA. We also connected through a Digital Learning Network (DLN) with engineers who are working in Hawaii. These engineers are working on the rovers and doing all of their tests at the base of volcanoes. The ash at the base of the volcanoes is very similar to lunar regolith (soil). These engineers control the rover from computers in a different area and they are taking into account the 2 second delay that they would have if the rover was on the moon. It was very exciting to hear about their research!!

To finish the day off, we have been working on a presentation that we have to give on Friday. We have decided to make a video of our experience for the presentation. We are working really hard but we are having a great time!

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