Friday, July 13, 2012

The count down is definitely on. I am getting everything ready to go and packed up today. I thought I would post my outreach items so you know what they look like. The Nickelodeon Gak color is called "You Blue It". I was hoping to get the color called "Blast-Off Blue" but the store didn't have it.

The other item I am taking are balloons. Amy A. and her class gave me the idea to take balloons on the Weightless Wonder to see if I can blow one up. Thank you for the great idea! I am not 100% sure yet if I can take these on board but I have them just in case. I am thinking about taking a straw with me just in case I cannot take the balloons on board and blow a bubble in the Nickelodeon Gak. This way we can still see if it is possible to blow something up.

On Monday, we will be doing several things to get things rolling. We will be going through physio training, setting up the experiment, going through safety, and have a journalist/media briefing. We have a very busy first day but very exciting!! I am hoping to blog each day and post pictures so you can all be apart of this experience.

I appreciate all of the support that I am getting! Keep posting any comments or questions that you have!

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