Tuesday, July 17, 2012


After a good nights rest, I started the day by doing the projectile launcher experiment. This helped me understand how this experiment works so I can teach my students how to do it. We then practiced what we were going to say for our Test Readiness Review (TRR).

For the TRR, we needed to explain the safety precautions that we took to make our experiments. We had to explain that the diaphragm holes are triple layered, the hacksaw blade has been wrapped in electrical tape, we padded the top edges and corners of our glove box. We also explained that everything in the glove box has been secured using Velcro. This doesn't sound very hard but it is terrifying! We needed to present this in front of 15-20 people and if they did not approve us we would not get to go on G Force 1 (the plane we get to ride)! The pressure was on and we saw this team interrogate the first team to go so we were very nervous. A few of us told each other that we were more nervous for this than going to fly on G Force 1. Luckily, it all went well and we succeeded! Our experiments got approved which means we can fly on G Force 1. During the TRR they also approved our outreach items. I will be taking the Nickelodeon Gak and the balloon for sure!

I am sure that some of you are wondering why I am referring to the Weightless Wonder as G Force 1 and we found out that there have been 3 different planes to fly parabolas and each plane has gotten a nickname. The Vomit Comet is sitting and mounted to the entrance and I am hoping to get a picture of it. The Weightless Wonder is the picture on the top and G Force 1 is on the bottom.

After the TRR, we weighed our glove box and then place it on the lift.

We ate lunch and then loaded our experiment onto the plane.

This is what G Force 1 looks like before all of the experiments are loaded on it. 

The all important barf bag and safety booklet for G Force 1!

My entire team with the first experiment loaded and ready to go for tomorrow!!!

To finish the day off, we signed papers to check out our flight suits and we got name tags to put on the flight suits. We also watched a video about what we can do to prevent ourselves from getting sick. This video told us not to move our head from side to side, to keep our head above our feet, and if we are feeling sick to either sit up or lay down. They also told us that the medicine that they offer is optional for us to take. We can either get it in a pill or shot form. The big question "What do you eat or do you eat before your flight?". The answer is yes we are suppose to eat about 2 hours before the flight and eat things that are easy on your stomach. They recommended not eating greasy food or drinking anything that is acidic. I have had people tell me that peanut butter and bananas taste the same when they go down and come up. My plan of attack for tomorrow is to each cereal and maybe a banana. That is everything that has happened today and as long as the weather cooperates I will be experiencing microgravity tomorrow!!!! I am very exited and I am not too worried about getting sick. It is mind over matter right now and I cannot let myself panic! Wish me luck on my amazing adventure tomorrow! G Force 1 here I come!

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